Moira Pinzan


I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Trieste in 2007. I had so the chance to get closer to the research work and life, thus choosing to get a Master Degree in Neuroscience (2010). My thesis was focused on ’Regulation of Emx2 expression by ncRNAs’ and was advised by Professor Antonello Mallamaci from the laboratory of Cerebral Cortex Development in Sissa. I really got into the subject, ultimately deciding to carry out my PhD in this laboratory.

Now I’m working on a project aimed at studying consequences of neuronal Foxg1 overexpression in the developing brain. The misregulation of this transcription factor can lead to several pathological conditions, like the Rett syndrome or the West syndrome. Since these diseases usually affect infants and children, it is of crucial importance to improve the research efforts and get as much knowledge as possible to understand and possibly heel these pathologies.

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