Open positions

Post-doc positions

Position 1.

The Cerebral Cortex Development Lab at SISSA is looking for a young post-doc wanting to address biological mechanisms and operational outcomes of experimental therapy of glioblastoma multiforme by overexpression of the brain patterning gene Emx2. Intellectual independence and spirit of initiative, strong experience in molecular and cell biology, as well as aptitude to work with rodent animal models are required.

Potential candidates are encouraged to pre-submit a letter of interest, a short statement of research and three reference letters, to prof. Antonello Mallamaci (To:; Subject: "GBM_pos20"), by September 15th, 2019. A call for a one year position, renewable upon evaluation of results, will be shortly launched at the Neuroscience Area of SISSA.

Pre-doc positions

A very limited number of positions for smart and strongly motivated pre-doc (undergraduate as well as postgraduate) students specifically interested in undertaking their subsequent PhD training at the Cerebral Cortex Development Lab may be available.

Interested people are suggested to contact the PI by e-mail for more detailed info.

PhD positions


We seek young and highly motivated candidates for the PhD programs in Functional and Structural Genomics.

Prior to applying, interested people are suggested to contact the PI by e-mail, providing him with an updated CV, a brief letter of motivation and two-three letters of reference.