Lucy Centrone

Undergraduate student

I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Natural Sciences at Florence University in June 2014, where I started working on genetic mechanisms at the basis of New World Monkey's speciation and evolution. At this point my fascination towards the molecular world and towards the developmental processes that differentiate Homo Sapiens as the species with a highly complex nervous organisation and functionality led me to Trieste where I am now working on my Master degree thesis in Neuroscience.

In order to broaden my knowledge on the molecular and genetic mechanisms at the basis of H. Sapiens' cerebral cortex development I chose to join and train in Antonello Mallamaci's laboratory. Since beginning of my training I have learned as much as I never learned during university. I have learned to work in a laboratory and I am actually working on my thesis' project, focussing my attention on the effects of a particular transcription factor's misregulation profoundly involved in West syndrome, that occurs early during development.

By investigating and analysing ad-hoc genetically modified neurons, following specific cerebral cortex development time windows, it would hopefully be possible to dissect the critic timing in which hyperexcitability exceeds due to an aberrant overconnection and architecture between developing cortical neurons.
I hope to have the opportunity to get more into depth, gain more knowledge on the biological problem that I am working hard on in this exciting laboratory and finally, never stop learning.

Un uomo si mette in marcia per raggiungere, passo a passo, la saggezza. non è ancora arrivato. (I. Calvino)