Clara Grudina


I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Biotechnology in Trieste with my thesis on molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in ALS.  During the training for my Master’s thesis I got interested in neurodegenerative disease so I decided to begin my PhD in the Functional and Structural Genomics department of SISSA. Here I joined the laboratory of Cerebral Cortex Development, which mainly investigates molecular mechanisms specifying CNS precursors and regulating their proliferation/differentiation profile. My PhD research project is focused on a rare form of epilepsy, the West Syndrome, which can be caused by a particular genetic mutation leading to an abnormal brain development. During my PhD studies I learned many innovative techniques such as reprogramming human somatic cell into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and the differentiation of these cells into cortico-cerebral tissue in vitro. I am very happy with my project and my labmates. I enjoy working in SISSA, which is a very good school for individual career advancement.

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